Tuesday, December 14, 2010


Brett Favre's incredible streak of 297 straight starts as an NFL quarterback ended this past Sunday. His streak of getting away with sending pictures of his frank and beans to hot girls is intact at 1.

That we know of.

297 straight times of suiting up for an NFL game is an impressive streak, given the brutality that takes place every Sunday on the field. But there are some other, less glamorous, and certainly less publicized streaks that are equally as impressive.

For example:

Jimmy Lee Dykes of Bowlegs, OK delivered the local newspaper every day for 43 years. From the time he was nine years old until his parents mysteriously disappeared and he was forced to move from their home to his Aunt Frassy's basement. Jimmy Lee currently makes $75 to $80 a month mowing lawns in the summer, rides the same Huffy bicycle he started with, and hopes one day to see "a real live girl totally nekkid... without payin'".

Mitch Broiles who hails from Jacksonville, FL. hasn't missed a slow pitch softball game for his team, The AristoBats, since he began playing in 1987. Despite a dislocated elbow, a ruptured umbilical hernia, and six DUI's, ol' number 69 (what else?) has played every game at first base on Tuesday nights for 23 years. Not surprisingly Mitch can tell you that his career batting average is .567 (It would be higher, he claims, but that year with the DUI's was tough, as Mitch hits better "with a bunch a beers in me..."). Of the 6 Mrs. Broiles' who've attended Mitch's games over that time, the current one holds the longest "married to Mitch" streak at 7 months. Congrats Mr. and Mrs. Broiles and their 3 children!

And lastly...

Reno's own Dave Mencarelli is the owner of a streak of dubious nature. He has NEVER won a single game of Madden football online against a live opponent on the Playstation Network. Not one game. He's never as much as led at halftime. In several games, he hasn't even gained positive yardage. Most of his opponents have been children in their early to late teens, some of which have been interrupted by cries of "IS YOUR HOMEWORK DONE?!" and still beaten him soundly. Dave hopes to one day have a lead at halftime and disconnect, refer to himself in the third person on a blog site where he has less than 5 followers (CHECK!), and get an xBox 360 so he can actually pay to get his ass kicked in online games by kids without armpit hair.

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